Unlock Your Blackberry Now

We specialize in providing BlackBerry unlock codes for BlackBerry owners from all over the world.

We unlock all models including the 9900, 9930, 9860, 9850, 9810, 9350, 9360, 9380, 9230, 9315, 9620 and much more. Blackberry Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30 are not currently supported.

Get an Unlock Code for your Blackberry for only $5 USD.

Click Here for instructions on how to enter your unlock code.

To order the Unlock Code for your Blackberry device, simply provide the following information to the form on the right:

  1. Your Blackberry Model number
  2. Your IMEI number (dial *#06# on your phone to view the IMEI).
    Please note you must enter 15 digit IMEI number excluding dots.
  3. Operator/Network that the phone is CURRENTLY LOCKED TO, not the one you want to switch to.
  4. Country of the Operator/Network
    Country of the operator/network to witch the phone is locked to.
  5. Click the PayPal Buy Now button.

The Unlock Code will be sent to the email address used in your PayPal payment.

Please check the Spam Folder in your email account.

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